Personal Injury
If you've suffered an accidental injury on the road, at work, at home or as a result of medical negligence, and it's affected your earnings or health - you may want legal help to get compensation if someone else was at fault.

Our personal injury lawyers have great experience and a solid track record of obtaining compensation in relation to personal injury matters.

We offer you:

Prompt, sympathetic help and advice
An assessment of your chances of success
Expert negotiation
If you qualify; No-win, No-fee services
Firstly, you have to provide us with the
full facts of the matter. This will be
dealt with at our initial meeting. We shall
in the first instance advise you of your
chances of success. Shortly after the
initial meeting we will advise you if you
qualifyfor our No-win, No-fee services
Once you have formally instructed us, and
provided all the information we have requested
we shall then deal with everything else. This
includes but is not limited to obtaining police and medical reports, obtaining witness statements
and instructing expert witnesses. In most cases
you will not even have to attend court.