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Assault Charge


Assault Charge – Offences against the person


Offences against the person are legal terms used to describe various violent assault crimes. Being accused of committing an assault or grievous bodily harm can be extremely serious. You should seek advice from a lawyer with extensive knowledge and experience in this area of law to represent you as soon as possible.


Penalties for assault and GBH crimes are based on the severity of the injuries and the attacker’s intent. These range from the less serious offences of common assault and battery to the most severe section 18 GBH (grievous bodily harm). However, regardless of the nature of the charge, a conviction for any assault could lead to significant consequences.


Being involved in a criminal investigation can be extremely distressing. Our approachable lawyers provide non-judgemental, practical advice focused on delivering the best possible representation.


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London Solicitors for Assault Charges


CL Law is a well-established Law firm in Heston, Hounslow, West London. Our criminal defence solicitors are experienced in allegations of assault and violence offences. We will use our knowledge, skill, and dedication in this complex area of law to mount a strong defence on your behalf.


CL Law can provide legal representation concerning a wide range of assault charges and offences against the person cases, including:

  • Common assault/battery
  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm (‘ABH’)
  • Grievous bodily harm (with or without intent) (‘GBH’)


If you or a loved one is arrested on an assault charge, we offer specialist advice and legal representation. Our experienced criminal defence legal team can effectively guide you through all stages of criminal proceedings, working with you to ensure you are fairly represented. We provide clear and practical advice and are dedicated to achieving the best outcome according to the facts of the case.


Attempted Murder, Manslaughter & Murder


In murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter cases, you must seek advice from a specialist law firm with the knowledge and experience needed to mount a strong defence. At CL Law, our criminal defence team has decades of combined experience in defending clients accused of the most serious cases of offences against the person. Together with the aid of experienced barristers, our dedicated lawyers will mount a defence on your behalf, focused on securing the best possible outcome.


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If you or a loved one has been accused of an assault or serious violent crime, getting advice early on from a legal team with real experience in these matters is crucial. CL Law have the knowledge and experience to handle your case from the police station through to the trial, should your case go to Court. Speak to one of our approachable, experienced criminal defence lawyers today. We can discuss your case offering you the best solution tailored to your situation.


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Legal costs


We will always ensure that the costs involved are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. We do not apply any hidden charges. Your criminal defence lawyer working on your case will ensure that you are fully aware of all the fees involved. We will keep you fully informed of the criminal process and the options available to you.


We do not operate under legal aid, and all our work is carried out on a private basis.

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